About Us

GLADLIFESTYLE.COM is the first step in the creation of a non-profit organization committed to the ministry of educating people about God's plan for divine health and about a healthier lifestyle available to all simply by making wise food choices and examining spiritual and emotional sources of illness.

Our Founder, Lenny Horton, Jr. is a motivational speaker who has trained in spiritual health and wellness through Wellspring International, Be in Health by Henry Wright and numerous other whole and fresh food educational venues, including Enzyme Express.

In his motivational speaking engagements, Lenny Horton teaches how to make simple lifestyle changes that can make major improvements to their health.  His workshops include demonstrations of how to make healthy chocolate; snacks; simple and healthy smoothies; reading nutrition labels; and making wise choices. In addition, Lenny shares his personal testimony of healing and prayer to initiate the spiritual and emotional changes that are at the root of many illnesses.

If you are interetsed in scheduling a demonstration or workshop, contact us at your convenience, and thanks again for visiting our website.