Do you ever wish that you could help that friend or loved one (or yourself) overcome a health crisis and other challenges - financial, emotional, etc. that often goes with it?  Or maybe help the poor struggling to put food on the table?  


Did you know that food insecurity is skyrocketing - and in fact most disease is also linked to malnutrition - people may have plenty to eat but they’re eating toxic/poisonous foods.

The exciting news is that God has free solutions to these and all the world’s problems - these solutions come about as we adopt His GLAD (God Led American Diet) lifestyle!  

Start reducing crime/rape/murder, premature death/disease/illness, pollution/toxic environment, famines/malnutrition, mental/emotional/moral disorders, poverty/economic depression, etc. - God truly has the answers when we adopt His GLAD lifestyle.  This is in fact the opposite of what is causing the world’s failing as we follow the SAD (Standard American Diet) lifestyle (or the Satanic Alternative Diet - lifestyle).


By learning the GLAD - lifestyle, you will discover the amazing ways that God really is for you and not against you and you and your loved ones can impact the world by becoming the shining light on the hill; you can show people how the spiritual “famine” is impacting every aspect of their lives in profound ways...but when people follow God’s Instruction, eat His food, herbs and use His essential oils then they come to understand that God is “truly for them and not against them - plans to give them peace, not disaster (SAD life), to give a future filled with hope!  That they will know the truth and the truth will make them free!”

If we start giving people a hand up instead of a hand out and teach people the power/blessing of God’s seeds, sprouts, and microgreens and to grow mimi “victory gardens” and teach people with time-but-no-money how to make God’s healthy food for the people with jobs and no time, we solve the health problem (with God’s self-care) thus solving the economic problems and fighting malnutrition and food insecurity/shortages and increasing famines worldwide and the ones coming; instead of people starving and going into fear when faced with war and the stock market crashes (this year or next?) or crop failure (GMO crops are heavily poisoned -SAD) or monocrops (remember the Great Irish Potato Famine from monocrops?), people could and would become healthier than ever before if they only had access to God’s super seeds/sprouts/microgreens.

What is the GLAD Lifestyle?

Choose blessings, not curses, in your source of spritual and natural food, because if God’s not in it, He won’t Bless it!

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