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Dear Pastor,


As you know, God and His Word have always been the answer to murder, rape, abuse, crimes, etc., but now more than ever it is crucial to understand that He has and is the solution to sickness, disease - physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally.


As you read this, I pray that in Jesus’ name that you look at this information, God’s solutions, with God’s perspective and not with man’s eyes and we command in Jesus’ name that any hindering spirits - all spirits not of God to be silenced so that we only hear Your Holy Spirit as we read and discuss this information.  So Lord, as you say: “My people perish and are destroyed by lack of knowledge:  (The So GLAD Lifestyle - the Saviour Oriented God Led American Diet lifestyle - which is opposite from our current so SAD lifestyle - the self-oriented Sample American Diet or Satanic Alternative Diet Lifestyle) because thou has rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.”


EXODUS 20:3 - “Thou shalt have  no other gods before me”


Phillipians 3:18 - “Their destiny is destruction, their god is their stomach and their glory is in their shame, who set their minds on earthly things."


Our program starts with the physical fitness program including videos of varying degrees of difficulty for people with timing limitations or too self conscious to workout in a public setting yet so that these people can workout at other times during their day.


The 2nd part of the program is a live or video presentation instructing the attendees how and why to make healthy food and drinks and ideally giving the attendees the blenders and food processing equipment (putting the attendees in groups of 2-5 depending on their turnout and attendance) at each meeting to make the foods and drinks along with the instructor; the likelihood of the attendees to continue with the lifestyle choices of all 3 parts of the program SKYROCKETS after being “disciplined”  with “hands on” participation.  Ask the CEO of Feeding South Miami after telling him about demos - he was quoted as saying “if I hear instructions, I’ll grasp the content somewhat, if I see a demonstration, I’ll grasp the content even more, but if I do it myself, I’ll remember it for a lifetime!”

Attendees will receive recipe handouts and tapes or DVDs (optional) of what they “create” and whether to include another video for them to what while eating their “creations” (this can link the connection for God’s instructions in His Word regarding healthy living).


After 15 minutes or so, while people eat their/God’s food, the final video presentation is made by Wellspring Ministries which covers the spiritual roots of disease followed by leading people in the Wellspring prayers; these videos will be 20-30 minutes long followed by a brief question/answer period and with attendees partnering up to pray with each other.

Here we explain the difference between “God’s Food and instructions” with “man’s food and his worldview/situational morality”

The walk, run, eat, drink and learn-a-thon - difference between our non-profit and others is that we show that God already has the cure for disease and it’s not a little pill (see the car analogy).

At the conclusion of the program (8-12 weeks), the participants will be ready to assist in a church-wide eat, drink, walk, run and learn-a-thon in which churchgoers go to different tables/booth.stations and watch simple demonstrations and taste samples and learn not just about how God heals through “His Food” and His Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth but for people that received donations they purchase stevia, seeds, instructions (handouts & DVDs) to bring back to each donor so that people can see and experience and learn about God’s love, instructions/provisions and absolute relevance to every facet of our lives.

Everyone involved will see the night/day difference between the GLAD Lifestyle and the SAD Lifestyle, increasing our Christian witness.



Choose blessings, not curses, in your source of spritual and natural food, because if God’s not in it, He won’t Bless it!

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