Ministry Objectives

"It is far more important to know what person a disease has than what disease a person has."

The following are some of the objectives we see as vital to the mission of our ministry:

  • Show how God has the answer to health and healing through food and spiritual roots. 

  • Teach how and why to get started by making better food choices through simple, good-tasting and even fast recipies with healthy ingredients.  

  • Teach the truth that most diseases have spiritual roots and identify what those roots are and how to bring healing to those ailments.  

  • Demonstrate the preparation of simple healthy recipies and teach others how to do the same.  

  • Demonstrate our approach to health and healing at fairs, corporate events, wellness and other seminars and employee appreciation parties.  

  • Educate people about how, where and why to buy the right ingredients, how to grow some plant ingredients for a healthy daily living diet and how to find good discounted prices and buy in bulk.

Choose blessings, not curses, in your source of spritual and natural food, because if God’s not in it, He won’t Bless it!

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