Our Plan

GLADLifestyle.com has the following planned initiatives to reach the world and the Body of Christ with God's answer to health and healing.  If you are interested in assisting us in expanding the ministry in any capacity(demonstrations, computer/organization,outreach, fund raising, donations or prayer), please contact us. Thank you and may God bless you and reveal to you ways you can partner with God to make His temple holy and healthy! 

  • Our ministry will maintain a focus on this interactive web site to consistently enhance our impact with training videos (giving us the opportunity to teach multitudes of people instead of only those we can reach physically), recipies, the essential scriptural facts about divine health, suggested sources for healthy food and ingredients, and testimonies from people who are benefiting from our teachings on caring for our bodies in obedience to and glorification of God.  

  • There will be a comprehensive, searchable resource for all information available on the web or in the media concerning Godly healing and health care, including an e-book by our founder, Lenny Horton, detailing his own health battles and the answers provided by the Lord.  Mr. Horton is planning a second e-book taken from his journal and commentary on the creation and cultivation of this ministry.

  • We will be making an effort to provide our own source for some of the ingredients people need to begin their journey towards reliance on God's food, not only to generate resources for the ministry but to help ensure that people who want to implement these principles and techniques in their own lives will be more likely to actually acquire the necessary items (and not procrastinate and possibly not take the next step at all).  We also plan to offer everything from individual items to packages that could give believers a jump start on their use of God's food for weeks or months.  We will offer packages designed for church events, with a wider selection of ingredients, and recommended packages densely packed with the most popular ingredients. 

  • We will be launching an initiative to partner with churches and ministries world-wide to host their own regular events where these principles and food preparation techniques are taught, enjoyed and celebrated (with our trained staff available as presenters).

  • There are plans for a test store, mall kiosk and/or church outreach that will introduce a revolutionary new concept for a non-profit, Bible-based, healthy fast food/drive-thru franchise.  This franchise will be for ministries only, providing on-going, powerful community outreach for Christ, enhanced health for multitudes, solid jobs for the body of Christ, and an unprecidented evangenical impact for the western world as its citizens come to know Jesus better in a place they never have before - the drive-thru, one of the places they frequent the most.

Choose blessings, not curses, in your source of spritual and natural food, because if God’s not in it, He won’t Bless it!

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