What You Need to Know

The GLAD Lifestyle is really God's disaster plan.  This page, and this entire section of the website, is about why that is and the specific information that everyone of us needs to know to thrive in spite of the challenges the world continues to bring upon itself.

In many places, fuel and food prices will certainly skyrocket from their present high plateau in the likely event that there is continued increase in the wars, famine and disasters that afflict us now.  People are already fearing the worst, but as always, God has many ways out.  

We can all eat fresh, organic Jesus’ living foods (sprouts) for under $0.12 (twelve cents) per serving, and that means eating better and vastly more nutritious food than almost everyone (except the others that already do this) on the planet.  Grocery stores only have three days of food on their shelves, yet families can stock up with over 3 months of God's super foods (sprouts, seeds, nuts and grains) for around $100.00.

You may have realized that a nutritional famine is already upon us.  Not only are the famines in third world countries intensifying...2 OUT OF EVERY 3 DEATHS IN THIS COUNTRY ARE NOW DIRECTLY RELATED TO MALNUTRITION - either getting too much bad nutrition or not enough of the nutrition we need.  Tragic statistics have been consistently and widely reported, such as 1 out of 3 people in our nation have diabetes and 1 out of 3 people will get cancer.  The US is 38th in health while outspending the UK, the 2nd largest spender on health care, by double.  

Don’t wait for a full-scale famine.  God tells us not to fear, but be ready.  The good news is that implementing God's answer to the health and food crisis is easier than you think.  Our ministry is committed to teaching you how, and having some fun with you while we do it.  We pique your interest first with samples and demonstrations of smoothies, healthy chocolate, snacks and deserts and then demonstrate the sprouting while you enjoy God’s food!  This is all free – donations are accepted thankfully but not required.

Prepare for the worst by eating God’s best (and the least expensive)!  There's information here to get started, and you can contact us for demostrations & workshops and more information.